My second hair transplant #4

Just a quick update. It’s now Monday 14th March which means it’s been two weeks and three days since I had my hair transplant surgery. Things are going well! It didn’t take long for the surgery to heal. I would say less than a week. All of the graft sites have closed over and healed, … Continue reading “My second hair transplant #4”

My second hair transplant #3 Surgery day!

It’s Tuesday night (1st March 2016) and I got home from my hair transplant operation on Saturday night. I have been wearing a surgical cap covered with a beanie since my operation to protect my new grafts, but today I didn’t need to wear the surgical cap as the grafts are starting to heal well. … Continue reading “My second hair transplant #3 Surgery day!”

My second hair transplant #1

Many of you who followed my blog about my first hair transplant back in 2012, were fascinated by the difference in my hair after the transplant, and sent me loads of great feedback! I was also really pleased with the result, so much so that I met up with Ziering Medical again last month with … Continue reading “My second hair transplant #1”

My Hair Transplant #3

Dr Ziering is behind many of the advances in modern hair restoration technology. In particular, he is known for the ‘Ziering whorl’, a way of recreating your scalps’ crown and hairline in the most natural way possible. He also developed a new type of chilled stereo microscope, in which the follicular units (hair follicles) could … Continue reading “My Hair Transplant #3”