About Shankey salons

Our Philosophy

At Shankey salons, our aim is to improve the way you look, feel and think about yourself and to help demonstrate that looking good improves your opportunities in life. We also want to show you that it‘s really simple to make the small changes needed to look and feel your best.

And to bring this to life, we‘ve spent the last 15 years developing the ultimate collection of services and products which, quite simply, improve the way you look and feel.

In our Male Grooming department, we‘ve dismantled your traditional shaving technique and rebuilt it with our experience, our education and the highest quality ingredients to ensure you have the most effective, comfortable and closest shave with zero skin irritation. You‘ll love the way our products and technique go hand in hand to eliminate the problems of razor burn, shaving rash, ingrown hairs and painful sensitive skin. And because of the unique pheremone based fragrance we developed for our products, you‘ll also smell great

Unlike the ‘big brands‘ who design shaving products through committees and focus groups, our knowledge has been gained over the past 15 years, one to one, shaving men like you and correcting your skin conditions in our grooming salons. This experience has given us valuable insights into every possible skin type and condition, which has enabled us to produce a collection of products which really result in ‘The Perfect Shave‘.

Our Salons

And in line with our philosophy, walking into one of our Shankey salons is like no other experience. You’ll be welcomed like a favourite friend, entertained with papers, magazines and carefully chosen playlists, and you can relax with a coffee or chilled drink while you wait for your treatment.

Then, you’ll be completely indulged. Whether you’ve come for a stylish haircut or colour, a rejuvenating facial, or one of our unique hot-towel and cut-throat razor shaves, while you’re in the chair you’ll feel like the rest of the world doesn’t even exist.

Shankey salons is the number one destination in Belfast for Male Grooming, Barber Shop and Hairdressing.

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