Facials - What are they?

Guys, like women have different skin types and depending on which skin type you have, there are a number of ways to keep your skin youthful, hydrated and healthy.

The most common male skin type is oily or combination skin. This means that your skins oil producing sebaceous glands are quite active and the oil can be seen on the skins surface giving a shine, whereas combination skin is normally just oily over the forehead and nose. Oily areas are also prone to occasional spots and blackheads which will need treated to clear up the problem.

Some guys have dry skin which will need to be looked after in a totally different way to oily skin. The skin produces less oil and lacks water which is essential for healthy skin and to prevent premature ageing. A good demonstration of this is to compare a grape to a raisin. The dehydrated raisin is wrinkly and tough whereas the grape is plump and appears healthy.

A facial is a treatment which involves a skin care consultant examining your skin to determine your skin type. Once your skin type is established, the consultant will then set about cleansing, exfoliating, moisturising and treating areas of concern.

Blackheads will be removed, acne will be treated and you will be advised about the various products that will look after your skin in the long term.

Facials are very relaxing skin treatments and you may even nod off in the middle of the session. The treatment will often include a massage of the neck and shoulders and will leave you rejuvenated and feeling great! Your face will look really healthy and you will leave having been educated in how to look after your skin properly at home.

Skin care consultants have a deep understanding of the skins properties and will often recommend products to you for your particular skin type. These products have been specifically designed for your skin type and by using them at home, you will be easily able to maintain the results of your facial.

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