Rugby Skincare

Its that time again when we look forward to the Rugby World Cup.

However, in this harsh autumn climate, spare a thought for the battering that the players receive when theyre out on the pitch. As well as cuts, bruises and broken bones (fingers crossed therell be no broken bones this year), the players can be subjected to freezing cold dry air, perspiration and the rubbing and scraping of the skin on their cheeks and ears in a scrum.

Needless to say, in addition to all the muck from the pitch acting like a coarse sandpaper, this can really wreck the players skin to the point where the skin can be red and inflamed for days if not weeks.

Through perspiration and respiration, players can also lose litres of water throughout a match which dehydrates their skin, causes chapping (like sunburn) and can prevent the skin from healing itself. Its therefore necessary for players to hydrate both their body and their skin before the match to help prevent these problems from arising.

As well as taking optimal nutrition (including water) before and after the match, many players will pre-empt their skin problems by putting together a pre and post match skincare regime. As well as keeping a variety of Magic injury sprays such as Deep Heat in their kit, youll often find an antibacterial skin wash and a deep skin moisturiser which will be used both for the prevention of skin injuries and for the nourishment and repair of their skin after the match. These antibacterial skin washes reduce the chance of up and coming abrasions becoming infected whilst the moisturiser feeds vital oils, water and other nutrients into the skin to speed up the healing process and reduce the after effects of the match.

With this in mind, when was the last time you had a good look at your skin to see if its oily, dry or in need of a treatment? Good clear skin not only makes you look and feel good, but it can also pre-empt many skin problems which might be coming your way. Have your skin analysed for free at most Male Grooming Centres nationwide.

Who said moisturisers were for sissies?

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