Gentlemen, a massage sounds fantastic, doesnt it? The thought of lying on a warm couch, with a trained massage therapist manipulating oils onto your skin while you perhaps doze off really sounds appealing. But how many of you actually go for a massage and what can it really do for you?

The answer is that as well as being a really relaxing treatment, massage benefits the body in many different ways. It improves circulation, drains the lymphatic system, releases toxins and lactic acid, fixes up your muscles and conditions your skin.

Before you go for a massage, you should know that there are a multitude of different types of massage available. These range from Sports massages which normally work on the deep tissue and specifically treat the muscles, pre and post sports event to Aromatherapy massages which use essential oils for a gentler, more relaxing massage involving not just the muscles, but also the senses. Many aromatherapy oils are known for their relaxation and healing properties.

A trained massage therapist will discuss your treatment with you in detail before asking you some specific questions about your health. Its important that you answer these questions honestly as massage is not a suitable treatment for everyone! Once you have answered the health questionnaire, your massage therapist will prepare you for the massage by examining the area to be treated. A trained therapist will be able to diagnose the areas which need the most treatment just by using their hands and will then agree the treatment process with you.

When you decide to go for a massage, you may be wondering where to go. Massages for men are normally available at Male Grooming Salons, Chiropractors, Gyms, Sports Injury Clinics, Physiotherapy Clinics and Spas.

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