New Year - New You

With Christmas and New Year hangovers still very much with us, it time to take a look at how we can make a quick recovery to help us to get stuck-in to our new years resolutions.

The fastest way to get over New Year blues is to give your body what it needs: Water, detoxification and nutrients.

Alcohol is a diuretic and so robs your body of essential water and while most people should drink at least two litres of water per day, its essential that you top-up during a big hangover. Water is quickly absorbed by the body and replenishes your dehydrated cells.

Detoxification is when you get rid of the toxins which have built up in your body. The water you drink will flush out a lot of the toxins. Many people go for a massage which distributes the toxins extremely effectively out of your body and into your lymphatic system, thereby speeding up the detox process whilst others go for an organic diet of fruit, vegetables and water. Either way, detoxification will both make you look and feel great and set you up for the new year.

Nutrients also help repair your body from the Christmas and New Year assault and its generally accepted that a healthy balanced diet will provide all of the vital nutrients that you will need. However, we dont all have the luxury of having healthy food all of the time. Try therefore to get 5 a day fruit or vegetables, along with the other nutrients required by your body.

Ideas on looking your best in the new year.

Theres loads of ways to look good this year with the most important areas being your hair, skin and how you present yourself to others. With this in mind, the fastest and easiest way to look great is to get a really good haircut that really suits you. Visit your Barber early in the new year and discuss the options available to you. Sometimes, a bit of a change can make the world of difference.

Januarys cold winds can really wreak havoc with your skin. Why not make a point of looking after it a bit more at this time of year. A mixture of centrally heated buildings and cold weather can really dry out your skin, particularly on your face, so why not swap your bar of soap for a moisturising face wash and use a little moisturiser after shaving and before going out.

Your motivation for change is normally at its highest at this time of year and its not always an external change. Why not think about attending a course on personal development so that you have a different outlook on life. A personal development course will teach you how to feel better and present yourself to others in a much more positive way whilst making you feel more confident inside.

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