With global warming starting to affect our own shores, summer is now a time when you pretty much lay it all bare, so its important not to mess up your grooming regime or you could look more like an odd bod than a sex god.

Starting with the essentials, clever guys use a sunscreen to prevent burning, ageing and skin cancers. Start with a high factor sunscreen such as factor 15 or factor 30. If your skin is burning, youll need a higher factor. You can reduce the strength of the sunscreen bit by bit as your skin builds up some natural protection in the form of a tan and when you leave the sun, and following a shower, use an after-sun cream to de-stress your skin and prolong your tan. If your hair is thinning, dont forget to protect your scalp too.

If the sun fails to show and you want to flaunt yourself in shorts and a tee-shirt, you can still have a tan. Abdicate sunbeds in favour of a spray-on or rub on self-tan. Dont worry, none of the good brands will leave you looking orange as long as you follow the instructions. Spray-on tanning is available in the high street and only takes a few minutes whereas self-tan is normally rubbed into your skin at home or at a Male Grooming Salon. Make sure you use a good quality scrub and dont shave for at least 3 hours before going fake or it will lead to unpredictable results!

Following a Remington survey where 100% of women interviewed said that they thought men should pay more attention to their body hair and grooming, it might be time to consider some trimming or waxing of your body hair. Chest, back and shoulders are the most obvious areas to consider however more men are starting to go further than this by tidying up other areas of their bodies too! Whilst waxing at a male grooming salon is the best method for the chest, back and shoulders, a tidy up of other areas is more effective (and less painful) with a body trimmer set to a number 2 position! Body trimming is performed in the privacy of your home and can be buzzed anywhere you need a trim.

Nothings worse than going out in the summer looking, smelling or feeling disgusting so make sure you shower regularly and use a strong anti-perspirant designed for men as were generally sweatier than women. If youve got smelly feet, keep your nails clipped back and use talc on them after showering. Consider having a foot grooming treatment where your feet will be treated to some sorting out, but make sure you have clean feet before going or youll be stopped at the door! As youll most likely be wearing sandals or flip flops, ask a chiropodist to take a look if youve got any unusual lumps, bumps or growths such as verrucae, ingrown nails or a carbuncle.

Finally, with bright sunshine theres nothing worse than fluorescent yellow teeth. Brush and mouthwash twice daily and if this doesnt sort it, ask your dentist about tooth whitening. This can usually be done at home in just a few half hour sessions.

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