Wedding preparation

Pre wedding advice for Grooms.

Taking part in a wedding ceremony can feel like unfamiliar territory for us men, what with all of the arrangements, flowers and even dresses and shoes dominating the conversation for months on end. So lets go on a little reconnaissance mission, cutting out all of the girly stuff, to gain some basic training in the tactics you‘ll need to look great on your wedding day.

1. At least three months before your wedding, get yourself booked in for a wedding consultation with a quality Male Grooming business to discuss your needs and to put a plan together for the big day. Don‘t forget about the Father of the Bride and the rest of the party. Hair, skin, nails and shaving will be discussed and you‘ll begin to get a picture of the timings and timescales. Book your appointments now!

2. Within a few days of the wedding, your treatments will commence. Starting off with smart haircuts, your stylists will understand that you‘ll be photographed constantly on the big day so it‘s important to avoid anything too radical unless, of course, that is the image you want to portray for years to come. Your wedding album will most likely be around for decades so think very carefully about the style.

3. Everyone will be eager to see your new wedding ring and so they‘ll be looking closely at your hands. The camera will be taking lots of shots of the rings, and ragged nails and dry, rough skin won‘t exactly create a nice vista for the pictures. Hand Grooming takes care of this and will help create lasting images which you‘ll be proud of. It takes care of both the skin and nails.

4. With so much photography going on all around you, don‘t forget that you‘ll need to look your best in each photo, which is why you should have a facial less than two days before the wedding. This treatment sorts out blemishes and various skin problems leaving your face looking clearer and more healthy. It‘s also very relaxing, helping to ease away pre-wedding nerves; And yes, you will be feeling nervous at this point.

5. Finally, if you normally go clean shaven, avoid shaving for at least two days before your wedding. This will give your skin time to soothe down any shaving redness, and it will create a much improved canvas for your pre-wedding shave. Whether you choose a professional shave or prefer to shave at home,  ensure that on your wedding day, you shave in the same direction as your hair growth to minimise irritation of your skin.

Recommended products for the run up to the wedding:

Baxter Razor Bump Repair (£18.60) - Pops out ingrown hairs which can appear as large red lumps in the areas men shave. They‘re normally caused by shaving against the grain.

Dermalogica Shave System (£37.30) - A shaving system designed to give you the healthiest skin ever.

American Crew Fiber (£10.40) - A Matt hair product which makes hair look fuller and thinker, whilst giving great control.

TIGI Bed Head for Men Clean Up Shampoo (£7.95) - Tigi Bed Head for Men Clean Up Shampoo cleans hair, and invigorates your scalp.

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