10 Minute Grooming!

The Daily 10 - Daily Grooming in just 10 Minutes!

Until now, buzz words like Metrosexual have made men confused about what male grooming is about as they haven‘t necessarily connected with these terms and have therefore been put off!

Jason Shankey Expert aims to cut through all the hype and confusion by introducing a simplified 10 step - 10 minute daily grooming routine that helps you look and feel great without hours spent in the bathroom!

1)    After you wake up, jump in the shower.

2)    Shampoo all over with Jason Shankey Expert Energising Hair and Body Wash. Allow the cleanser to sit on your face and scalp for at least 30 seconds to wake up your skin. Rinse off. (5 minutes)

3)    If you haven‘t used a scrub for a few days, use some Jason Shankey Expert Exfoliating Face and Scalp Scrub to get rid of the dead skin cells that are making your skin look tired and grey. This will help you achieve a closer, smoother shave as well as treating a flaky scalp. (1 minute)

4)    With your face still wet from the shower, apply Jason Shankey Expert Smoothing Shave Cream in a circular motion over your beard area. (30 seconds)
5)    Take a sharp razor and shave in the same direction as your hair growth.
6)    Complete the shave and splash your face with cold water. This closes down the pores, helps prevent blackheads and prepares the face for moisturiser. (1.5 minutes)

7)    Pat your face dry and apply a small amount of Jason Shankey Expert Skin Soothing Moisture Balm. Massage this over your face, forehead and neck, especially in areas where you have shaved. (30 seconds)

8)    Rub Jason Shankey Expert Warming Muscle Rub into sore muscles or areas of dry skin to completely prepare you for the day ahead. (30 seconds)

9)    Dry off your hair. (30 seconds)

10)    Apply a pea sized amount of Jason Shankey Expert Styling Paste to your fingertips and rub between both hands. Apply to your hair sparingly working from the back to the front to avoid build up and mould your hair into shape. (30 seconds)

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