Movember is the month where men around the world rock the ‘stache‘ for 30 days in a bid to highlight and raise funds for charity and specifically problems that affect men – particularly prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health issues. The moustache is a‘like it‘ or‘loathe it‘ style and while it doesn‘t suit everybody, it can help a man look more distinct if it is styled the right way and suits the face shape and attire. However, while men display their solidarity for one month Belfast male style guru Jason Shankey advises on how to train and groom the‘stache‘ and avoid those hair-raising glances in the office and boardroom.

If you‘re going to grow a moustache next month use Jason‘s guide for the perfect Movember and on trend professional look.

1. Register for Movember before you do anything: There aren‘t many Movember rules as important as this one, so that‘s why it‘s number one. Registering with helps the movement grow.

2. Let people at work know about your‘mustache‘: You can even tell your bosses ahead of time if you‘re worried about your scruffy appearance. They might even want to get involved with you and help raise some donations too.

3. Go for a clean shave on Shadoween: also known outside the Movemeber community as the last day of October. Trimming your sideburns can make the look a little more sophisticated too.

4. 2014 moustache trends: Not every moustache is on-trend this season. For 2014, it‘s short, neat moustaches that are most fashion-forward. Your moustache should be no longer than the lips and shouldn‘t follow the curve of your mouth. Goatee hair is a real no-no, especially if you‘re competing in any of the Movember moustache contests.

5. Use styling products: if you want a fun, funky moustache. You might not have ever purchased a tube of moustache wax before but it can help create some throwback moustaches – think 1920‘s for inspiration.

6. Hygiene: Develop proper hygiene for your moustache. This means you have to wash your face every day especially before going to bed. Your moustache can accumulate dirt and nasty food debris throughout the day. No one should really have to tell you to wash your face.

7. Trimming: Start trimming when your moustache is moustache dry. Dry moustache hairs and a sharp pair of scissors make for a quick job. It is always good to brush your moustache. Use your upper lip line as a guide. Your moustache should not reach the line of your upper lip. Use the shape of your upper lip as a guide while your trimming.

8. Conduct yourself like a gentleman at all times: Remember Movember is a movement. Be kind, courteous and act like the true gentleman you really are.

Knowledge is power. Prevention is everything. Early detection is key. Learn about the health issues men face and how Movember is having an impact on men‘s health.

VANRATH wish you every success with Movember. High Calibre. Highly Confidential.

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