Father’s day gift

Wondering what to buy your Dad for Father’s Day? This could be your solution!

They say men are difficult to buy for, right? Well it’s probably because there’s not always a great choice of gifts available to men, compared to those available to women. But men aren’t difficult to buy for when you know what they really want!

For us, it’s simple. You see, our business only caters to men and we know exactly what makes them tick! We look after the grooming of over 3000 discerning men per month, and we know exactly what makes them look and feel better about themselves, which is why we developed our system called ‘The Perfect Shave’.

Picture of The Perfect Shave - Father's day gift
The Perfect Shave

It’s a really special system because 97% of men suffer from pain and irritation due to shaving (that’s almost all men!), and The Perfect Shave is the result of 10 years research aimed at preventing pain, irritation and redness.

The luxurious gift box comes complete with our three premium contemporary shave products: Exfoliating Face and Scalp Scrub, Smoothing Shave Cream and Skin Soothing Moisture Balm, as well as a step-by-step guide to achieving the elusive pain-free shave.

Retailing at just £48, it’s the perfect gift for Father’s Day.

It’s available from 1st June at both jasonshankey.co.uk and our authorised stockists. Click here to see our map of authorised stockists.

Make your Dad’s Father’s Day one to remember with a pain-free shave.

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