My second hair transplant #2

Well, the excitement is building… It’s only 3 days before I have my second hair transplant!

I got a call from Ziering Medical a few days ago to advise me not to drink caffiene or alcohol in the week leading up to my operation. Apparently caffeine and alcohol can both lower your body’s ability to heal. It shouldn’t be a problem though since at New Year, I quit caffeine completely and I cut down my alcohol intake to just one evening per week. It’s helped me to lose a stone in weight, and I’m aiming for another stone off by April. I think I’ll look like a completely different person by the summer!

I’ve also been taking Dutasteride tablets (one per day) since 2011. These help to thicken your hair and slow down (and sometimes reverse) the shedding, meaning that it’s unlikely I will lose much more of my original hair. Thankfully I’ve never had any side effects from them.

I was also advised to wear a shirt into the operation on Friday, rather than a tee-shirt. This is so that I don’t disrupt the newly implanted follicles in the evening, after I get back to my Hotel.

They all seem to be a friendly team, so I’m really looking forward to the day. It goes by so fast, I’ll be on a flight home the next day.

My flight, hotel and taxi transfers are all booked. All I have to do now is turn up on Friday morning 🙂