Back, Sack and Crack.

So I’m the male grooming expert for a new glossy magazine and I had to write my article today as I’m working over in London next week. I’m getting a double page spread every month and as well as writing about the male grooming issues men face, I’m answering readers questions.

What was my first readers’ question? “Why on earth do some men get the Back, Sack and Crack treatment?”. Well thanks for that Mr Reader!

It’s a Sunday morning and I’m thinking of where I can take the kids, and you’ve got me thinking about this.

There’s no doubt about it, it’s growing in popularity all the time and we’re getting all sorts of men in for the treatment. Some guys say it makes them feel cleaner whilst others say it gives them an extra inch (if you know what I mean!).

Regardless of the reason, there are of course a number of options for having the look including the use of a body trimmer (less painful but not as close) and shaving at home (ouch!) – not recommended!

Answers on a postcard please. If you have the treatment performed, what’s your reason? My reader will no doubt enjoy your responses. JS.