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Gift Voucher - Specific Value£ 
Luxury Gift Voucher Presentation Box£1.50 Add to Basket


10 Minute Camo Colour (Grey Away) (Includes haircut). 10 minute blend away grey.£ 42.00Add to Basket
12 to 16 years old Haircut£ 15.95Add to Basket
Baby - Under 2 years old haircut£ 11.95Add to Basket
Barber nose wax£ 6.00Add to Basket
Beard Trim £ 7.95Add to Basket
Chemical Hair Straightening (Excludes haircut)£ 33.95Add to Basket
Crew Cut (1,2 or 3 all over) £ 12.95Add to Basket
Flashlights (Includes haircut) £ 45.00Add to Basket
Foils / highlights (excludes haircut)£ 45.00Add to Basket
Full Head Bleaching / Blonding (Includes haircut)£ 85.00Add to Basket
Full Head Permanent Colour (Excludes haircut)£ 30.95Add to Basket
Groom and/or Best Man Package£ 42.95Add to Basket
Haircut and beard trim£ 27.00Add to Basket
Haircut Including Shampoo £ 23.95Add to Basket
Haircut Without Shampoo £ 21.95Add to Basket
Hot Towel Shave - 5 Towel Shave£ 25.00Add to Basket
Perm / perming hair / boy‘s perm£ 65.00Add to Basket
Restyle. Prices are ‘From:‘£ 22.95Add to Basket
Senior Citizen Haircut (Tues-Thurs only) £ 10.95Add to Basket
Student Haircut 16+ (Tuesday to Thursday only) - With Student Card.£ 18.95Add to Basket
Under 12‘s haircut£ 13.95Add to Basket

Custom Made Packages

10 Years Younger Package£ 53.25Add to Basket

A haircut, shave and eyecare treatment which will instantly help you look much younger. (75 minutes).

Facial with a neck and shoulder massage£ 45.00Add to Basket

Facial with a neck and shoulder massage package.

Groom and/or Best Man package£ 42.95Add to Basket

1 week before the wedding: A haircut and hand grooming, with a complimentary eyebrow shape. (75 Minutes).  Priced per person.

Grooming taster menu package£ 20.00Add to Basket

Choose three of the four treatments below for just £20! Our 30 minute grooming taster menu also comes with free patch testing in case you‘d like to follow up with waxing or colouring treatments.

Mini neck and head massage 10 mins
Eyebrow tweeze 5/10 mins
Facial exfoliation 10 mins
10 min intro to reflexology

Indulgence gift voucher - Belfast £ 100.00Add to Basket

A complete top to toe transformation. A haircut followed by a cut throat shave. Then followed by a full body massage finishing off with a manicure, hand an arm massage with heat treatment. 3 hours.

Mini Indulge£ 58.40Add to Basket

A luxury Hot Towel Shave, follow by a Tension, Neck and Back Massage with a complimentary refreshment from our drinks chiller. 75 minutes.

Wedding - Morning special£ 31.95Add to Basket
Hot towel shave finished with matt moisturiser so your face is ready for the day ahead, followed by shampoo and scalp massage to waken and revive you, side burn and neck line shaping to finish. Completely ready for the day ahead. (60 minutes).


60 Minute Intensive Facial £ 40.00Add to Basket

Exfoliation, steaming, deep pore cleansing and a mask, followed by a pressure point massage carried out on the face, neck and shoulders.

Back Cleansing Treatment £ 30.00Add to Basket

A relaxing treatment carried out on the back beginning with a deep pore cleanse to remove excess oil and debris. The back is then thoroughly exfoliated followed by a stress relieving treatment with essential oils and a mask, which will leave your skin radiant and relaxed. (45 minutes.)

Express 30 Minute Facial£ 25.00Add to Basket

For men on the go! Leaves the skin feeling and looking refreshed and revitalised through cleansing and exfoliation.

Express Facial£ 25.00Add to Basket
Luxury Hot Towel Shave£ 27.95Add to Basket

This shave is identical to the Hot Towel Shave in the Barber Shop but adds a 15 minute neck and shoulder massage and an eyebrow tidy-up. Please note, we also offer shaving in the Barber Shop. Please choose a shave from the Hairdressing Department if you would prefer to have the treatment in the Barber Shop.

Teenage Acne Facial£ 25.00Add to Basket

A 30 minute treatment to treat blemishes such as blackheads and spots.

Acne is an occurance of inflamed and infected sebaceous glands under the skin due to blocked hair follicles. The infected glands can appear on the face, neck, back and body which cause blemishes such as blackheads and spots to appear on the surface of the skin, resulting in red, sore breakouts which can lead to scarring.

Treatment includes steam and extraction, and a soothing mask to calm the skin. 


Back, neck and shoulder massage - 30 min£ 30.00Add to Basket

Using a blend of essential oils, we can calm the most stressed body and mind, reduce muscular tension and rejuvenate the body. Massage is recommended for those who want a complete wind-down from today’s stressful world. (30 minutes)

Full body tension massage - 60 mins£ 45.00Add to Basket

A deep tissue relaxing massage to de-stress mind and body. 60 mins.

Indian head massage - 30 mins£ 30.00Add to Basket

Relieves stress and mental fatigue. Good for those who spend a lot of time in front of a computer. (30 minutes.)

Reflexology£ 39.95Add to Basket

Reflexology is the application of pressure to areas on the feet (or the hands). Reflexology is generally relaxing and may help alleviate stress. The theory behind reflexology is that areas of the foot correspond to organs and systems of the body. 45 mins.

Conditions that prevent people from getting reflexology unless they have a valid doctors note:

Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, headaches and migraines, previous stroke, epilpsey, shingles, stress, insomnia, athletes foot, verrucas, fungal nail infections, minor surgery in the last 6 months or major surgery in the last 2 years, pregnancy in the first 3 months or last 3 months, undiagnosed lumps, fractures on feet or legs, haematoma, varicose veins, eczema on feet or legs, cancer, going through radiotherapy or chemotherapy and open or recent wounds on the feet.

Tension, neck, shoulder and back massage - 45 mins£ 37.50Add to Basket

Using a blend of essential oils, we can calm the most stressed body and mind, reduce muscular tension and rejuvenate the body. Massage is recommended for those who want a complete wind-down from today’s stressful world. (45 minutes)

Hair Removal

Abdomen Waxing£ 16.00Add to Basket
Arm Waxing£ 21.95Add to Basket
Back and shoulder waxing £ 26.50Add to Basket

25 minutes to completely remove the hair from your back and shoulders.

Body trimming - per area £ 8.95Add to Basket

Body trimming is an alternative to waxing and invovles trimming the hair to the clients desired length. The areas we offer for Body trimming include legs, arms, chest, back and abdomen. Approx 15 minutes per area.

Chest and Abdomen Waxing£ 25.00Add to Basket
Chest and Back Waxing£ 35.00Add to Basket
Chest Waxing£ 15.00Add to Basket
Chest, Back and Abdomen Waxing£ 40.00Add to Basket
Ears, nose or toes - Waxing per area£ 6.00Add to Basket

Ears (10 mins), Nose (10 mins), Toes (5 mins). £ Priced per area.

Guybrows - Eyebrow waxing£ 6.00Add to Basket


Leg Waxing£ 27.95Add to Basket

Hands and Feet

Foot Grooming £ 21.00Add to Basket

Soothes tired and aching feet and removes dead skin. Pedicure includes a foot massage. (30 minutes)

Hand Grooming £ 15.95Add to Basket

Improve the appearance of your hands and relax for a while with a hand and arm massage. (30 minutes.)

Eye Treatments

Eye Care Treatment £ 17.95Add to Basket

Diminishes fine lines caused by dryness. Reduces puffiness and offers instant smoothing and firming of the area around the eyes. (20 minutes.)

Eyebrow shaping £ 5.00Add to Basket

15 minutes using tweezers.

Eyebrow tinting £ 5.95Add to Basket

10 minutes to re-colour those light hairs in the eyebrows. All tinting treatments require you to have a patch test 24 hours prior to your first treatment.

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting £ 13.50Add to Basket

25 minutes to re-colour those light hairs in the eyebrows and eyelashes. All tinting treatments require you to have a patch test 24 hours prior to your first treatment.

Eyelash tinting £ 8.95Add to Basket

15 minutes to re-colour those light hairs in the eyelashes. All tinting treatments require you to have a patch test 24 hours prior to your first treatment.

Guybrows - Eyebrow waxing £ 5.00Add to Basket

15 minutes using wax strips.

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